Biodegradable cutlery and other brilliant ideas from the blog Natural Chic

My friend Laurie continue to blog about all things eco-friendly at her blog, Natural Chic (A Style at Home Blog). While there are lots of great things and ideas there, I really thought these were brilliant. It’s this:

… biodegradable cutlery. Made from potato starch, it’s not only biodegradable, you can compost it, too – it completely breaks down in three to six weeks. And while the price is somewhat higher, isn’t it worth it for never having to rely on petroleum-based plastic knives, forks and spoons again? (Available at:

I would love to see fast food restaurants adopt these. If you know anyone at McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc., please ask them.

7 responses to “Biodegradable cutlery and other brilliant ideas from the blog Natural Chic

  1. Truly, these make you feel good about getting takeout food! Both the Bonnaroo and Rothbury Festivals I went to this summer required all their vendors to use only utensils/plates that could be composted … given that attendance was 120,000 and 50, 000 respectively, I think word will start getting around.

  2. we use these at PepsiCo Chicago…but i believe they are made from corn. so – that’s 1700 people not using plasticware! =) {and i even wash mine & reuse a few times..then they start getting bendy}

  3. While I find the idea of biodegradable cutlery very appealing from the innovation point-of-view, it’s unclear to me if it’s much better than plastic in the big picture. If widely adopted, it may require more agricultural land, which may also impact the environment. The good and old non-disposable cutlery still seems to me the most eco-friendly option.

    As we progress through our green journey, the concept of total-cost-of-ownership (TCO), borrowed from business jargon, will hopefully be further developed so that we can actually understand which options are the most sustainable in the long term.

  4. Let’s be realistic! Traditional stainless forks, spoons and knives are better option than using disposable cutlery. However, who has time to clean all those utensils when you have a party at home or organizing a fund-raising event? So, biodegradable, compostable cutlery is better alternative than using traditional petroleum based plastic cutlery. We know that all questions related to front end and back end are not answered today, but new technology will answer them tomorrow. I am event organizer, and use biodegradable, compostable cutlery offered by as their cutlery is beautiful, sturdy and looks more like plastic. In addition, their prices are highly reasonable. One case of PLA cutlery is offered at $2.40.

  5. flatware cutlery

    Pretty awesome ideal for when going on a picnik or such….I use these at home as they put nothing in the landfill:

  6. Wow, what a brilliant environmentally friendly alternative for fast food restaurants and days out such as picnics.

    How long does this cutlery take to biodegrade?

  7. I agree with Aaron – the impact of potato or food starch cutlery is debatable to the extent of what the true “savings” is. PLUS the food starch cutlery does NOT degrade in a landfill which is where 95% of all cutlery ends up!
    Check out Transitions2Earth which is 100% biodegradable cutlery made with Ecopure. Brand new to the market, but this cutlery will 100% breakdown in a landfill.