Bezos’s (naturally) says it’s time to ditch the datacenter for cloud computing

And he and Softlayer (part of IBM) make a good case for it here: Bezos’s law signals it’s time to ditch the data center  in Tech News and Analysis.

This reminds me of a similar article, by Nicholas Carr, that was famous some time ago: Does IT Matter?

In both cases, where IT is a commodity like electricity or running water, getting the lowest cost and most generic (but good quality) version of it should be the goal.

However, IT can also be used as a differentiator. So can a data center. In those cases, company’s should control and manage their IT / data center to give themselves a competitive advantage.

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2 responses to “Bezos’s (naturally) says it’s time to ditch the datacenter for cloud computing

  1. I think this is an interesting idea. The same could, and has been, said about customer service and we have seen how that has played it. One is tempted to extrapolate from that, that companies will over-eagerly adopt into the cloud and then move some of the functions back in-house when this one-solution-fits-all thinking inevitably fails.

    • smartpeopleiknow

      Good point, Tom. I think you are right: there will be some back and forth on this, but the direction for companies is to go to the Cloud for more and more. I will be interested to see Then and Now stats on Data Centers in about 5 years from now. I suspect only a core number of servers will be on the floor of any given company, and the rest will be in a cloud somewhere.