Daily Archives: June 17, 2010

How serviceberry trees are actually great bird feeders, too

I love birdfeeders, but I can’t have them on our property in Toronto because it attracts everything but birds. This is a shame, because it is great to have something to attract birds to your yard.

Surprisingly to me, the serviceberry tree in the front yard is not only a very nice looking tree, but it turns out it is also an excellent birdfeeder. I have had a number of robins and cardinals fly into it, gobble up some of the pea sized berries, and then fly off. And unlike birdfeeders, it doesn’t attract a ton of squirrels or other unwanted mammals. In Canada there are lots of beautiful trees you can plant in your yard for a variety of reasons. Besides the serviceberry, I also have a Himalayan birch tree and a Japanese maple. But for the added benefit of attracting birds, consider a serviceberry tree.