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Star Trek + Ke$ha = awesome

Via nymag.com

The BEST possible phone to have is not an iPhone

It’s this one:

Found on the always very smart blog, swissmiss

Geeks 1, Lawyers 0

ThinkGeek totally pwns the lawyers of the National Pork Board. See: ThinkGeek :: Blurgh! The ThinkGeek Blog – Officially our best-ever cease and desist (via Andrew Sullivan).

Thinking of starting up your own craft business using etsy.com to distribute your wares?

Then you should read this: Hobbyists Use Etsy to Trade Day Job for Hard Work – NYTimes.com. This quote sums the article up well:

“Etsy saved my life,” Ms. Gibran said. But, she added, “this is the hardest job I’ve ever had.”

As anyone who has tried to make a go of it running a small business can tell you, it’s alot of hard work. Then again, it could be the best work you’ve ever had.