Some thoughts on my new Kodak Zi6 camera

What I like about the Zi6 so far is the design of it. It’s a bit think, but it is around the size of an iPhone and fits in your hand nicely. The controls are easy to use and obvious.  I like the fact I can add my own SD cards to it. The screen is nice and big, and the USB interface is simple.

I also liked the videos it takes. It took some videos in HD60 mode and watched them using QT and they looked good. They also looked good on FB. I think it captures the video at 720p at 60 fps in HD 60 mode. Not quite as striking as 1080, but still pretty good and miles better than the videos I was taking with my Blackberry!

You can take stills with it too. So far the quality of those is only fair. I may need to experiment with that.

You need rechargable batteries, but Kodak provided some and a charger. Nice! And they are cheap these days: so much so, it doesn’t make sense to buy anything other than rechargeable.

You can mount it on a tripod, which is nice.

I picked up one of these today at a discount electronic store for a great price ($69) and so far I really like it. My first digital camera that I bought in 2003 was a Kodak, and even at 2 MP I used it for along time because it took great pictures and it was easy to use.

I have a JVC camcorder, but it still uses tape and it is clunky, and as a result I have not been using it at all. That’s a shame, because I felt lots of moments in life were not being recorded because my old cameras were not up to snuff. I hope to get alot more saved with the Zi6.

You can see more about it here at Kodak Online  or you can try Amazon too.

2 responses to “Some thoughts on my new Kodak Zi6 camera

  1. Hope you capture lots of great memories! good luck!