What’s hot in men’s fashion – 2010

GQ has a rundown of the fall trends for men in 2010. There’s something for everyone, from the high end three piece suit to the blue collar plaid shirt. Me, I like the lace-up boots and the black on black watches. Other things, like biker jackets, never go out of style, so get one this year and wear it/keep it for many more. See: The GQ Fall 2010 Trend Report, by Jim Moore: How to Build Your Perfect Fall Wardrobe: Wear It Now: GQ

(Three piece Dolce & Gabbana Suit, $1,995; vest, $425, available at Dolce & Gabbana boutique, NYC.)

3 responses to “What’s hot in men’s fashion – 2010

  1. The suit does look to be an elegant one and the perfect on to be with in the office. It is sure to sweep many people off the floor. Fashion and grooming has become quite important for the men too these days as people have become quite conscious about the fashion.

  2. Men look good in suits and that the reason most of them prefer this to all the other wears. It helps define themselves and also make an impact on the others about being dressed to the occasion. This one indeed looks to be one of the best ones and really like the way the buttons are provided at the much lower end.

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