Daily Archives: April 21, 2011

What is the KO Hip-Hop Cello-Beatbox Experience?

One great performance and something that you want to experience.

Here’s Julie-O.

YouTube – The KO Hip-Hop Cello-Beatbox Experience: Julie-O

Are you using Dropbox to store confidential data?

Then you might want to read this: How to Keep Dropbox Employees’ Hands Off Your Data – ReadWriteCloud.  There’s some limitations there that you should be aware of. If you have serious concerns after reading this, the article also has alternative solutions/services for you to consider.

Worth a look.

Side Projects: Micah Lexier + Christian Bok work side by side

Speaking of side projects, here’s a great example of artist collaboration featuring the work of Micah Lexier + Christian Bok side by side (fromĀ  BOOOOOOOM!)


I am a big fan of Micah Lexier, and given the bike rack and the telephone pole, I am sure this is taken in Toronto.

Work getting stale? Maybe you need a side project! Here’s some ideas.

To which you might say: great idea! But what can I do? One thing I do when I am stuck for ideas is look at what others have done or are doing. Here’s a great list from the blog swissmiss that you can possibly use as a source of inspiration. Good luck! Let me know what you started!