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Harrison Ford is the anti-movie star, movie star

There’s a really good interview of Harrison Ford here, ‘I’ve had my time’ – The Irish Times – Fri, Aug 19, 2011, that covers alot of ground, from his current role in Cowboys & Aliens to all the way back when he first started. Anyone interested in Ford can get his biography in this interview, as well as other places. While the article is good just for the bio, what I also liked and what also comes across in it is how matter of fact and modest he is. Given all his success, it would be easy to imagine him being pompous or vain or holding any of the other faults of many big name Hollywood stars. He seems to be the opposite of all that. Well worth a read.

The image and the article is from The Irish Times web site, which is a good publication and well worth a read as well.


Why Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White is THE go to white paint for designers (and me too :))

I have Cloud White everywhere in my home. I even know the old code (967) and the new code (OC-130) for it! I came across it from interior design experts I knew who swore by it. If you wondering, what’s all the fuss about white paint, you should read this in depth article When other whites just won’t wash | Macleans.ca that explains why. Here’s a snippet in which designer Jan Brown sums up the strengths of the paint:

Jan Brown of Aurora, Ont.-based C3D Design has been a fan since the early ’80s and understands its acclaim. “It’s a bright white but doesn’t scream like a builder’s white,” explains the designer. “It has a soft edge to it but it works almost literally with every other colour.” While every paint firm’s fan deck has a similar white, Cloud White’s strength is its ability to stay white and not take on blue, pink or yellow tones when placed beside another colour. And that neutrality and predictability is why designers keep using it. Says Brown, “It means not having to tell the client: ‘I think we’re going to have to repaint all this.’ ” When customers express doubts about Cloud White, Brown makes up a variety of white painted sample boards and has the clients live with the shades for a few days. They usually end up believers.

After you read the article, you can see why it become the go to white paint for designers.

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Cassandra C. Jones: the master of found art

Jones does a brilliant job of composing works of art from photographs found elsewhere. For example, this animation of a horse galloping is amazing:

And like she says, inspired by Eadward Muybridge. Other pieces of her remind me of David Hockney’s photo compositions, like this one:

Well worth visiting her site, cassandrac, for more views of her work.

(Found via Kottke.org)