Low tech secrets on how to recover lost data on your hard disk or save your mobile device if it gets wet

If you are having a problem with your hard disk and it is removable from your computer, one thing you can do is freeze it! Yes! Here is the method my manager used to recover data. It’s not 100% foolproof, but it will allow you to recover data you might not get otherwise.

As for mobile devices that get wet and stop working, once trick is to get a container of uncooked rice. If you have an iPhone, bury it under the rice. If you have a Blackberry or some other device with a removable battery, remove the battery and any other removable parts and put them aside while you bury the device under the rice. Leave it there for a few hours (or overnight). The rice will draw the water away from the internals of the device and may allow it to recover. (Sometimes it does: other times, it will be too far gone). After you are, throw the rice in the garbage.


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