How blogging changed economics and academia in general, or why “social” media is really “open” media

Paul Krugman has an insightful blog post regarding blogging and it’s effect on the study of economics: Our Blogs, Ourselves – It’s worth a read even if you are not interested in economics, for it deals with something bigger. The bigger thing is that blogging and social media is changing the way we develop new ideas. As Krugman points out, things had been changing for sometime. What blogging has done is accelerate that change and make things more open. I don’t think this is limited to blogging: any field of academic study is being affected by this. I strongly believe that.

In IT, open source technology has allowed people to create software any other technology that would not be possible otherwise. This openness made great advances possible. It now looks like social media is doing the same thing in the world of ideas. Maybe we need to change the term from “social media” to “open media”.

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