It’s not A.I. or robots that are taking away jobs. It’s you.

A year or so ago, a parking lot I use had a human in a booth to take tickets and provide other  services. That human booth was replaced by the thing in the photo above.

It’s not a robot and it’s not A.I., but it is replacing humans.

Stories about A.I. or robots taking over work makes them interesting. It’s also secondary to the real story. What is really taking people’s jobs is a willingness of others to use technology, and a willingness of companies to replace people with technology. People are not afraid to use technology. If anything, sometimes they prefer to deal with technology. This makes it easier for companies to go with technology as compared to using people, and if companies can save money or make money, so much the better.

It is happening in all sorts of industries, from food to sportswriting. The technology isn’t the driver of this: it’s the willingness of people to prefer technology that is the driver.

One response to “It’s not A.I. or robots that are taking away jobs. It’s you.

  1. And consider the self-check-out lines at supermarkets now. Same phenomena. I am currently feeling a desire to interact with humans again. I don’t use the self-checkout lines if I don’t “have to”, and i would probably opt to use a human manned booth instead of this little chap. At what point is human interaction valued, anyway?