Is it worthwhile buying a slow cooker?

Short answer: it depends. According to this, Is it worthwhile buying a slow cooker?, slow cooked food tastes better and looks better, though the food in a slow cooker ends up being more moist. Go with an oven if you can  attend to it. Go with a slow cooker if you want to have a minimal cooking process going all day that doesn’t require you to do much more than to load up the cooker and go. An additional consideration: a slow cooker uses very little power. Go with a slow cooker if you want to minimize energy use.

Read the article and see what you think. And if you like the idea of slow cooker recipes but slow cookers aren’t for you, read it and get some ideas on how to use your oven to slow cook instead.

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2 responses to “Is it worthwhile buying a slow cooker?

  1. I can’t imagine life without my slow cooker!!! Great for taking food to pot lucks. I love cooking soups and stews in mine, as well as roasts, shredded chicken or beef, potato dishes and I’ve used it to keep large batches of beverages, like apple cider, warm when entertaining. Tons of uses!

  2. I love The Stone Soup! She makes everything so simple and her recipes always turn out fantastic. I think one key is also getting a “good” slow cooker. Ours isn’t as effective on the “low” setting so I often have to set it on high and it changes the way the food turns out if I leave it too long. Someday we’ll upgrade.