The Beatles / White Album Box Set

Likely only for hardcore Beatle fans, this box set of the White Album promises to be the White Album on steroids. Rolling Stone has plenty of detail on it, via White Album Box Set: Exclusive Preview of Unheard Beatles Archives – Rolling Stone. It even has a description of one of my favorite odd pieces by McCartney:

12. “Can You Take Me Back?”
The snippet on Side Four that serves as an eerie transition into the abstract sound-collage chaos of “Revolution 9.” Paul toys with it for a couple of minutes, trying to flesh it out into a bit of country blues—“I ain’t happy here, my honey, are you happy here?”

Like “Her Majesty”, it’s a sketch of something, but inserted in such a way as to make the whole album something more original. It’s always haunted me.


One response to “The Beatles / White Album Box Set

  1. I read the Rolling Stone piece earlier and yes it is very interesting. As for the album, should have either made it one rather than two discs or put in the songs they did as singles (like Lady Madonna) and Hey Bulldog to give it more cohesion (my own comment everyone has an opinion). Always liked Birthday, Back In the USSR, Helter Skelter, Savoy Truffles, and of course While My Guitar Gently Weeps. One can argue that Harrison came into his own with this one. I’ve also come to like Goodnight for some bizarre reason,