How to make french fries at home with this amazingly simple recipe

This recipe is amazing:  easiest french fries – smitten kitchen.

I have always been intimidated by the idea of making fries/frites at home. It turns out it could not be easier if you follow that recipe. It’s really a case of set it and more or less forget it.

Some notes:

  • I used corn oil because of it’s high smoking point. You could use other oils too.
  • I used a Dutch oven to make the fries.  It keeps the oil from splashing over onto the oven or burner.
  • I found a potato the size of a baseball feeds one person. A potato the size of a softball feeds two people.
  • I used Yukon gold potatoes.
  • I put big flaky salt on the fries right after I fish them out of the oil.
  • Regardless of how long the recipe says, remove the fries when they are a brown gold colour. It could be 20 minutes but it could be less.
  • Serve hot!


3 responses to “How to make french fries at home with this amazingly simple recipe

  1. This brought back fond memories of my mother. She would spend hours peeling potatoes & standing at the stove making French fries for us when we were kids, while we watched Bugs Bunny cartoons. Typically, we would make “chip sandwiches”-> homemade bread slathered with butter & filled with french fries! …How’s that for carbo loading? ; )

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