The limits of minimalism…

Might be here: Under 200 Square Foot Studio Apartment in Hong Kong | Apartment Therapy.

Cozy and minimal is fine, but this is basically the space you find in a big camping tent. I am sure some people can adopt just fine, but I don’t know if I could live in such a space for long. I also wonder if this is the direction we are heading for cities other than Hong Kong. Higher property costs and lower incomes might cause this to happen in other cities. I don’t look forward to that.


One response to “The limits of minimalism…

  1. I suppose from this that the condo I recently downsized to, would feel pretty small to you. I find it cozy and like that everything is near at hand. I imagine it to be similar to living in an RV. I’ve been watching Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman’s (@DBAKevlar) journey on Twitter since she and her husband moved into an RV with their two dogs about a year ago. She mostly talks about Oracle and SQL Server but there are glimpses of the lifestyle in her feed. I wish she’d tweet more about how she’s found the adjustment. I’ve heard from other sources that the lifestyle of living in these small places is more outdoors, and more community-based activities. e.g. community pool instead of backyard pool; meeting friends at cafes and restaurants. I think all but the most committed hermits would feel cooped up in a small space if they didn’t get out frequently.