On acceptance, Ukeireru and the Serenity Prayer

Rainy Japanese night

Accept. It’s a word Christians use in the Serenity Prayer. It’s a word I  thought of when reading this piece: How to Adopt the Japanese Approach to Accepting Life’s Challenges, “Ukeireru’.  Like the Serenity Prayer, it speaks to acceptance as something in the bigger scheme of life. Ukeireru ….

… goes beyond self-acceptance. It’s about accepting the realities that surround you, too – your relationships, your roles in the communities you’re a part of, and the situations you face – rather than fighting them.

But it doesn’t mean you just quit. Acceptance is the beginning of change, not the end of it. Once you accept things, you are more capable of moving to a better place. And even if you don’t move, mentally you are in a better place. Either way you benefit. Read the piece  — or say the Serenity Prayer again — and see if you agree.


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