When Alex Colville appeared on Canadian coin, or what should replace the Queen?

There has been discussion about what should go on Canadian money now that the Queen is dead. For some, the choice is obvious: Charles III. For others like me, the choice is less obvious.

One thought I had was to commission Canadian artists to produce works to go on the front of the coin. We had done something similar for the back of the coin, in 1967. Then Alex Colville produces a series of animal images that graced six of our coins as part of the Centennial celebration. I think now would be a good time to commission one or more artists to produce images for the front of the coins, too.

We would still have our toonies and loonies with consistent images on the back. But now we could have new images on the front. I like the idea a lot.

For more on Colville’s coins, this piece was interesting.

P.S. Relatedly, here’s why the monarch on our coins face the way they do. Fun!

(Image: link to image on mint.ca)

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