I eye, You eye , We all scream for AI (What I find interesting in AI, Mar. 2023)

Have you heard of…A.I.? Of course you have! You can’t go anywhere lately without reading or seeing something about AI. Not even the Kardashians can generate this much interest or hype about something. It’s incredible.

I’ve been collecting a number of links on the topics, which I’ve grouped below. As well, I have been blogging all week on the topic, trying to give my perspective on it all.

Things are changing rapidly when it comes to this subject. I hope these things help you gain a better understanding of where things stand at the moment, even if it is a brief moment.

Ideas/thoughts on AI:

Tools and technologies:



  • Roger Schank passed away. He was a leader in the field of AI.
  • Cool stuff:  OpenWorm project is an example of just how complex organisms are.
  • I am normally a fan of our world in data, but their brief history of AI  is far too rosy for me.

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