Daily Archives: January 2, 2008

Philipe Starck on the purpose of design

Designers should define their role broadly as agents of good in the world, and limit their work to ‘legitimate’ products: those that are needed, and those that can be made without damage to nature or — through the unethical actions of manufacturers and investors — damage to people.

— Industrial designer Phillipe Starck, on the purpose of design

(Thanks to treehugger.com for this)

Masks for every day use / privacy in the 21st century

Over at Razor Apple is a feature on 11 Masked Hoodies to Hide Your Face. With the rise of more and more public cameras, there may be a trend to more fashion that (stylishly) covers the face.

Bread lovers – this blog is for you

If you love bread, or want to learn how to bake it, the Bread Blog has lots of great recipes and instructions on how to make all kinds of bread, including one of my favourites, Panettone (chocolate chip, no less)

The famous “Funny Cat Cartoon”

I was using the computer tonight and my young son said: play the Funny Cat Cartoon! So here it is! It’s funny on it’s own, and if you have ever had a cat, it is even funnier, I think.

YouTube – Funny Cat Cartoon