For people who love watches, check out watchismo

I understand that younger people wear watches less and less, likely due to the abundance of other sources to provide the time. Cell phones will kill off watches, perhaps. If you know of such a watchless person, send them over to watchismo and see if they don’t want to get a watch by the end of it!

This one is perfect for someone who lives 24/7! 🙂


One response to “For people who love watches, check out watchismo

  1. watchismo is a great site and a good resource for any budding watch purchaser. I am not sure I agree with your comments around the mobile phone rendering wrist watches obsolete though….one thing is constant in our lives and that it is the need and desire to know the time. It touches us all everyday and the desire to have this important factor with us will always lie in the humble wrist watch…in my opinion anyway!