Daily Archives: June 13, 2008

More uses of Tumblr – this time: muxtape

I talked before about how twitter is using tumblr to report on the status of twitter.com. It turns out another one of my favourite new sites, Muxtape, is also using tumblr for reporting. Cool!

Professionally speaking, I am interested in how companies are using new
technologies to define and support their products and services, because it’s likely our clients will be interested in this too. Gotta walk the talk. 🙂 So, fwiw

here’s my tumblelog site: berniemichalik.tumblr.com
And here’s my muxtape site: berniemichalik.muxtape.com

I need to get more original with my naming standards. 🙂

Incredible space photos

This is the second time this week I have seen some incredible photos on boston.com. You must check these out, including this one:

The Sky, From Above – The Big Picture – Boston.com

Vanity Fair nicely highlights the stars of the blogosphere

The VANITY FAIR Blogopticon has an accurate chart showing where various blogs sit in terms of earnestness and opinion. If you don’t know some of these blogs, here’s your chance to catch up.

What is awesome? Graphjam!

GraphJam has some hilarious graphs, like this one

song chart memes

The next time you have a presentation to make at work, try slipping one in.