Daily Archives: February 8, 2009

Barack Obama can cuss ’em out as good as anyone

You might think I am talking about what he saying about opponents to the Stimulus Bill. But no! (Ok, maybe, but not that I know of.) What I do know is that April Winchell has nicely found audioclips of Barack Obama reading Dreams From My Father in which he is quoting expressions from his friend Ray, who apparently spoke less than presidentially.

As someone said, he is no Samuel L Jackson when it comes to the effective use of swear words, but he does a pretty good job. See Barack Obama is tired of your …. for the details.

Needless to say, it is VERY NSFW.

Thanks to Adam Schwabe for twittering about it. And thanks to April for posting it.


Who are these tweeps…I mean, people?

I have been using blip.fm recently, and it seems as a result I have uncovered an interesting phenomena. As I was using blip.fm, I received tweets from StrongDoctor, MeteorSlim, BlueWild, and BansheeBarnacle. I checked them out, but there is not much to tell about them. They have little or no profile information. Their picture is not of them. But what is interesting is that they have a lot in common with their tweets.

Of the few tweets that they have made, they have said:

  • facebook is so addicting…its like crack
  • shaq rocks
  • someone once said that facebook is for people you use to know, twitter is for people you want to know
  • And they like Family Guy

Odd. And pointless, since I don’t follow people who don’t identify themselves in their profiles. Perhaps it is some troll. Or an odd promotion. If anyone has an idea, let me know.