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Advice for the day

from the superb blog, { rose-coloured-rain }

P.S. when I see blogs like this, I think: this is why I read more and more from blogs and less from print media. It’s not that the print media is bad: it’s that the blogs are just so good.


Jody Rogac and other blogs by artists (including a suggestion)

What I love about the web now is how many more people contribute who are not techies/IT people (like myself). In particular, there are alot of artists who are using blogs and tumble logs to post their work (as well as using sites like Etsy.com to sell their work).

I’ve already highlighted Tim Moore’s Letter to Jane as a great example. He recently highlighted another photographer who has some wonderful work, Jody Rogac. The wonderful photo is just one of a number of great pieces from her blog. Check it out.

I hope she is ok with me using this photo. Which leads me to my next point. For people who have such blogs and web sites, I would like to suggest that they mark at least some of their work with a creative commons designation that allows others to use it. I am always hesitatnt about pulling in the works of others. Most people are ok with it: big agencies like Getty Images are not. If I was American, such use might fall into the category of Fair Use, but even that is debatable (and I am Canadian, so Fair Use shouldn’t apply to me). Regardless, copywright laws are not internationally consistent, but the Creative Commons designation is. I recommend you use it. And of course, you keep posting great work for others to enjoy and share.

Recycling your old technology and saving lives

Speaking of recycling, the excellent blog Ushahidi has a great idea for anyone with an old cell phone they want to replace. The organization Hope Phones will recycle your old phone and use it to buy new cell phones that will help ultimately in providing medical services in developing countries. Go to Hope Phones for more on this smart idea. Better yet, if you have an old phone — and you likely will in the next year or two — why not send it to them?

Waste = failure to innovate

A good chef will take anything not used in the final dish and use it for something else. Extra dough gets baked as a smaller cookie or cake, extra vegetables are turned into a soup, and extra batter goes to hovering children. Nothing gets wasted.

Same with carpenters. Good carpenters will plan their cuts to maximize the wood that they have.

We need to have that same attitude in the way we live and work now, given all that we produce. Waste should be seen as failure to innovate. We should look at what remains and think: what can we do with that? Ultimately nothing should go to waste, for everything will have a use somehow. We need to get creative

P.S. I thought of this while reading the tweets of Andrew McAfee (amcafee) who is at an MIT conference, and who wrote:

  #mitee: McDonald’s Mike Cramer: “I hate waste. We’re allowed to fail forward, but we’re not allowed to waste.”

Great Ideas is a great idea from Penguin Books

If you are lucky, you can find a book store with books from this series from Penguin called Great Ideas. I was reading this one from Orwell today.

Penguins refers to them as books, but in a number of cases they are excerpts or essays or something short of a book. But this is quibbling. They are a nice price and the design of the books is superb. The size of them makes them perfect for short trips. And since there are so many of them, you are bound to find at least one that you want to read. For more info, see Great Ideas  – Penguin Books