Daily Archives: May 20, 2009

Is part of the United States in the Third World?

That’s the provocative question the blog The Map Scroll poses. I think it pays to read the blog post to get a better understanding of what the map above implies. To me, at a minimum, it indicates that parts of the U.S. are worse off than other parts. And of those parts that are worse off, most of them are in the South, in places like Arkansas.

Fascinating. See the post.


Growing a Vegetable Garden…you can do it.

Whether you have barely room for one pot or a enough space to fit 1000 pots, there’s alot to be said for growing your own vegetable garden. The food tastes better, you save money, you help the environment, etc. What’s not to like? The only thing stopping you are some instructions and a few things to pick up. You can get the former from this article:
Growing a Vegetable Garden at Epicurious.com. The rest you can get from any number of places, easily. Once you get something that you can harvest, let me know, and I’ll come over and share a salad with you. 🙂