Daily Archives: May 30, 2009

What do people want to know? On Saturday night, mostly song lyrics

I learned this via The Edge of the American West. Try this trick:

  1. Go to Google.
  2. Type in the beginning of a common phrase (e.g., “how do I..”, “where are…”, “is barack…”)
  3. Look at the drop-down list of suggested searches.

I tried “god is” and here are some of the answers:

  1. not great
  2. dead
  3. an astronaut
  4. love
  5. not a fish inspector
  6. a girl
  7. good

Most of these I get, some (3) are a bit odd, but number 5?! What’s up with that?

Ok ok…you have to go try it now. 🙂

(Tip from Andrew Sullivan).f


What to wear – men’s shoes

Over at The Moment Blog – NYTimes.com is a number of articles on men’s shoes that should be helpful to any man looking to pick up something new. This article, Fancy Footwork | Designer’s Men’s Shoe Collaborations, features these numbers from Florsheim that not only have some great models in black, brown and tan, but they slip in a blue number, too.

They also have a good write up on low cost Zig Zag shoes (like these below) that are perfect for summer.

Save or Splurge – or do both – when you travel

NYTimes.com has some great approaches to travel writing. I’ve mentioned the “36 hours” in a city article before: those are great for the quick visit to a place. They also have save-or-splurge guides that give you the high and the not-so-high cost ways of seeing a number of the great European cities. You can find it here: Travel – Guides and Deals for Hotels, Restaurants and Vacations – The New York Times

I’ve already found a place I want to stay in Paris in the “save” section: it’s Mama Shelter Philppe Starck had a hand in it, it’s in Paris, and the price is right, so I have to go!

The blog everyone is talking about: Ecocomics

What’s great about blogging is that someone, like the writer of the blog Ecocomics, can take what appears to be two very different interests (economics and comic books) and put them together to come up with something very different and interesting. For example, where else would you find someone posing the question: Where Does the Canadian Government Get the Money from to Keep Making Super-Soldiers?, other than at Ecocomics?

If ecocomics had come out sooner, we’d have alot more people interested in economics! Go see.

Roo Reynolds and his blog

Roo Reynolds now works for the BBC. He used to work for IBM, where I got to know of him. He has a gift for social media, and anyone who wants ways to use it more effectively should consider following Roo.

One of the things he does well, among many, is write about which books he is reading. He takes a photo and then talks about them. It’s simple, but it works well, I think.

Here’s a recent selection of works he is reading, including some books by Stephen Fry (always a good choice).

Go see his blog.