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On the importance of teaching poetry in school

I am wondering if, when you go to Poets.org and look at the most popular poems, you see alot of poems that you were taught in school. I did. I would be willing to bet that if someone where to compile a list of poems in anthologies and see how many students read each one, it would correlate to this list.

Assuming that is true, it is a good argument for teaching poetry in school, for it may be the only poetry people come across. With the exception of the New Yorker and Harper’s, I don’t know how many mainstream magazines publish poetry anymore. I would also bet that most people don’t read it casually either. And I am also willing to bet that people will recall good poetry that they read, and how it had a positive influence on them.

I think we need people to be aware of more good poems like these.


It’s Sunday, and if you go to church…

…be glad you don’t have to go to this one!

According to this blog, it’s “perhaps one of the most remarkable sights in France, a chapel perched on a volcanic plug. This is the Rock of Aiguilhe, on the edge of the town of Puy en Velay, in the Auvergne. The Chapelle Saint-Michel has stood there for 1042 years, since Bishop Gothescalk had it built in 962 on his return from a pilgrimage to Santiago del Compostella in Galicia. In 1955 workers found relics under the alter that had been there since it was built.”

Needless to say, parking is difficult. 🙂 Seriously, check out 20 Unusual Churches (Part II) | Village Of Joy which has more fascinating church structures (and I say structures because some of them are barely buildings).

Leaf Portraits

I like these, especially I one on the right: it looks like  heart in the leaf.

Thanks to swissmiss