Morgans and Andrée Putman

One of my favourite hotels is Morgans. It’s in a great location in NYC. When I stayed there, I was on a floor that had an exit onto the roof that provided a superb view of the Empire State Building. That alone was worth staying there.

The other reason to stay there is the wonderful decor due to the great Andrée Putman. Here’s an example of her work at the hotel:

And according to Dezeen blog, a version of the chair you see on the left is now available in aluminum:

Striking! Years ago I had a chance to buy an Andrée Putman rug and passed on it. I still regret that. Perhaps you and I should be smart and get this chair. Go to the Dezeen link for more info.

2 responses to “Morgans and Andrée Putman

  1. benedictedelachanal

    Beautiful chair indeed! Andrée Putman has an interesting website that reflects the interesting person she is. A discovery for me, great post!

  2. smartpeopleiknow

    She’s a fascinating person. Very intelligent, and obviously a great designer. Indeed, a great artist, I would say.

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