Why not buy flowers…

On the weekend I was in Dufflet on Yonge in Toronto having a delicious brownie. This particular Dufflet also has a flower shop in it with gorgeous flowers for sale. While I was enjoying my brownie, a woman walked by with a gorgeous bouquet. As she exited, she exclaimed “I am buying them to cheer me up”.

It may seem extravagant to some to buy flowers. You can’t do much with them. But we pay for movies and attend musicals and watch TV shows on cable TV. If anything, flowers last longer and cost less than these diversions. Even my brownie is not something I have to eat. I enjoy it for much more than the calories it provides (and it does provide alot of those!) It’s a small extravagance.

No, flowers are no more extravagant than any of those. If you want to make yourself better, you could do worse than buy flowers. Even one small one, in a tiny vase. Go ahead!


3 responses to “Why not buy flowers…

  1. I agree, buying flowers is not a bit extravagant. It’s delightful and so good for the mood ! I’m lucky though, I live in the country and just need to go out and pick flowers in the fields. I like your blog 🙂

  2. Hell yeah! Couldn’t agree more, (but I am florist!) But yes lots of people receive great pleasure from a bouquet of flowers in the home. A splash of colour and scent of nature, it is reckoned flowers have therapeutic qualities

    • Thanks for your comment! I’ve received a number of comments from people who feel the same way (not surprisingly).


      Bernie Michalik

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