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Before there was Muhammad Ali, there was Sugar Ray Robinson

As dashing as he is here, he could be deadly in the ring. He is one of the greatest fighters of all time, and now there is a biography on Sugar Ray, nicely titled, ‘Sweet Thunder,’ by Wil Haygood (Review – If you know a boxing, sports, history or biography fan in your family, this could be a superb gift. It’s a great story from many different angles, and you don’t necessarily have to be fight fan to appreciate the life and times of this man. Check out the review, then head on over to Amazon or your favourite book seller and pick up a copy.

(Photo from the review, The Times of London).




Good economic news from…

Mint has published some charts that show a consumer comeback story here: Black Friday 2009 – Black Friday Sales Numbers Walmart, Best Buy, Target | MintLife Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice. This is good news overall.

What I find interesting as an aside, though, is that Mint, because it has access to alot of personal data, could potentially be a source of economic information that is unique. For example, they could aggregate information about saving and spending patterns and start making predictions better than others. And it wouldn’t have to be intrusive. People could allow for their data to be aggregated in exchange for better services.

There is awesome, and then there is this!

The Muppets perform Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

Awesome is too weak a word. 🙂

Twitter Best Practices for (Nonprofit) Organizations

The list found here, DIOSA | Communications: Twitter Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations, is aimed at nonprofit organizations using Twitter, but I’d add that any organization could benefit from reviewing this list and putting these best practices into action. Anyone advocating the use of Twitter within an organization would also be well advised to incorporate these practices into their proposal.

A great list. Found via Twitter, of course!

Canadian Post – 2009 Christmas Mailing Dates are here

Canada Post – Holiday Seasons Mailing Dates are here. Avoid the rush (and additional expense) and check it out.

Cool science: What Earth Would Look Like With Rings Like Saturn

I get vertigo when I see these photos of the rings over famous cities (about 1 minute into the video). Still, it’s cool. You have to see it!

(YouTube – What Earth Would Look Like With Rings Like Saturn – found at

A modest propopal: how Goldman Sachs can really apologize

I’ve complained about Sachs before. I think there are long terms things they can do, or should be made to do, to be more accountable. They’ve taken some P.R. steps lately, but as this article rightly states (Editorial – Goldman’s Non-Apology – those are “crumbs from its table”. Instead, I like this idea alot better:

So, here’s a thought: A multibillion-dollar gift to the federal Bureau of the Public Debt, which accepts tax-deductible donations to reduce the national debt. The donation can come from the bonuses; that way, it would not harm shareholders, because they only get their cut after the bonuses are paid. Goldman’s tax savings from the donation could help finance the small-business initiative.

The article even tells them where to send a cheque/check.

If the left in the U.S. doesn’t bring them to task, the right will (or at least make noises it will, which will be good enough to defeat the left).
There’s lots that both sides could do and should do to rein Sachs in. This would be a good start.