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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

This great image is from Goleen Church of Our Lady, Star of the Sea, and St. Patrick North Wall Fourth Window Saint Patrick Detail 2009 09 10.jpg – Wikimedia Commons


Why you should donate to Japan and what you should know when you do

You might ask: Japan is a wealthy country, why should we in other parts of the world help? I think there are a number of good answers to that, but you need to know more about how this works. As this article states (Does Japan need your donation?)

The Japanese are world-renowned experts in disaster preparedness, relief and recovery, and Japan is the third largest economy in the world. There should be no mistake that the Japanese government and Japanese organizations are well-equipped to take the lead.

And as this article shows (Charities Rush to Help Japan, With Little Direction – NYTimes.com), some organizations, like

The Japanese Red Cross, for example, has said repeatedly since the day after the earthquake that it does not want or need outside assistance.

So, should you donate? Well, if you just read the headline of this, Don’t donate money to Japan by Felix Salmon at Reuters.com, you might not. But even he recommends donating to organizations who do this work day in, day out. Indeed, if you did donate to the Red Cross, and if they didn’t use the money in Japan, they would use it when the next disaster hits (as it surely will). Same with organizations like Doctors Without Borders (MSF). Indeed, as someone pointed out, just knowing that people care and are donating to help them will likely go along way to help the people of Japan psychologically. Your donation now will not be wasted.

It is going to take time for Japan to rebuild. There may be an opportunity to donate your time or money or efforts later as well. Even a visit once things are stable is something to consider. (I recall the tremendous promotion that NYC did after 9/11 to get people to come back and visit. It may be tourism, but it also helped the New York economy and New Yorkers too. What was true of New York will be true of Japan.)

So the money you donate to good organizations will help, if not Japan now, then some other desperate place later. What you donate now will help improve the morale of the people of Japan. And what you give later will be important too.

Japan may be a wealthy country with plenty of resources available to it, but in terrible times like this, anyone in their position could use help. So help any way you can.

Food as Art

I love this image:

It’s a food painting.

(From the excellent tumblr blog Thought for Food )