Late Night Music with Aloe Blacc and Otis Redding

I think Aloe Blacc is great. Here’s a video of him doing “Tonight Downtown” which has a great retro feel to it

Nicely done: well shot video, great band, and Aloe Blacc brings greatness to everything he sings.

However I can see fans of Otis Redding and his peers grumbling. To which I say: why not enjoy both! Better still, if young people end up watching Otis and Sam and Dave and many others because of Aloe Blacc, then that’s great.

For young people who haven’t heard Otis Redding, here’s a taste:

One thing that was great about The Blues Brothers film and the film The Commitments was that it reintroduced great music to younger audiences that may not have heard it. I think Aloe Blacc can do that too.

Meanwhile, I’d love to see more Otis on YouTube. Music/TV companies: get on that.

Aloe Blacc performing “Tonight Downtown” and Otis Redding performing “Pain in my heart”


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