Who is the 1% the 99% is talking about?

Well, this chart provided by Matt Yglesias (99 Percent Inequality Sign Occupy Wall Street) sums it up neatly:

Who are the 1%? The rich, of course. The 1% get richer, and the 99% does not.


One response to “Who is the 1% the 99% is talking about?

  1. It is a bad situation that just keeps getting worse. The congress won’t do anything unless they get paid for it and the poor can’t afford to pay them. When the republicans in office the democrats complain about raising the minimum wage. Then when the democrats control congress they don’t even bring it up. I guees they are waiting for the republicans to get back in office so they can complain about it again. The last time the minimum wages was raised George was president. After 30 years of the middle class loosing ground the day is coming when they will be poor and then the once middle class and the poor will be able to elect anyone they want. The rich should realize that when that day comes they will suffer.

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