The “Nigerian” spam (i.e. advanced-fee fraud) is getting “better”

What is Nigerian spam? Well, if you go here (, you’ll see the definition: “An advance-fee fraud is a confidence trick in which the target is persuaded to advance sums of money in the hope of realizing a significantly larger gain”. It is associated with Nigeria, but of course it is a universal scam and the criminals associated with it are everywhere.

What is new, besides it’s spread, is the fact the writing is getting better. I should put “better” in quotes too, for while the earlier letters were filled with errors, they were also fun to read. This latest version is much better written, but also written in the boring way most business correspondence is written. I worry that because of that, more people will fall for the fraud.

Learn about the advanced-fee fraud. Talk to people you think might fall prey to it. (Believe me, if people didn’t, it wouldn’t have such a long life).

Here’s the latest version:


I am Michael Stevenson;an accredited vendor of Gartmore Investment Management, a subsidiary firm of The Henderson Global Investment Firm.; A private equity funds holding company that focuses on hedge funds in the United Kingdom.

I have contacted you with the hope that you can be my associate by accepting to stand as the legal recipient to a Fixed-Income deposit, valued at $35M by providing an International Offshore account to clear the funds. Please note that the success of this transaction hinges on you providing an International Offshore account to receive the funds.

Once I file your details as the new recipient to the funds, the funds will be approved through the AUTOMATED CLEARING HOUSE (ACH) – A facility used by financial institutions to distribute electronic debit and credit entries to bank accounts and therefore settles such entries under the automated clearing house system.

Upon approval of your details as the new recipient; a Credit advice will be issued in your favor and the funds will clear in your account within three banking days. I am willing to give you 40% which is $14M as your commission out of the $35M for your assistance in providing an International Offshore account to clear the funds.

I am confident you will be honest enough to adhere to our agreed commissions in spite of the 35MUSD coming through your account. I will need you to forward me your legal names address and phone to file your details on the fund as the new recipient in this Second Quarter of the financial fiscal year 2012.

Looking forward to working with you.

Michael Stevenson
Accredited vendor
Gartmore Investment Management

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