Rent a grannie to knit you a scarf you designed yourself. Really!

It seems hard to believe, but really it’s pretty straightforward. This site, Grannies Inc. | Home, acts as a go between you and their own group of people who like to knit. Mass customization of apparel is nothing new (running shoe companies have been doing it for awhile). This takes it to a different level, where by you have craftspeople (i.e., the grannies) hand producing work to specifications you provide. (There’s a sentimental aspect of this, which may or not be appealing to you, depending on how sentimental/cynical you are. I realize not all of them are likely grannies.)

It’s a smart idea. If you are in the southern hemisphere and reading this now, go check it out! The rest of us in the north hemisphere will likely enjoy summer first. (On the other hand, if the orders are backlogged, then you may want to get your order in right away to avoid disappointment).


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