Some thoughts on twitter, and blogging, and blogging again

I like twitter. Simply stating I have over 42,000 tweets should be enough to prove that.

I like blogging too. I’ve been blogging on this blog since 2007, and on other blogs since around 2005.

Like many bloggers, somewhere along the way I went from blogging alot, to a bit, to hardly at all. Meanwhile, tweeting has more or less stayed the same.

It hasn’t helped that a number of tools that I used for blogging and to make blogging easier have died off, but it would be wrong to blame the tools. It’s simply that tweeting is easier and writing blog posts, even simple blog posts, is much harder.

I plan to try and reverse that over the next few months, or at least make an attempt. I have been inspired by some people I follow on twitter, much better writers than I, who manage to tweet good stuff while blogging really good posts on a regular basis. While their tweets are fine, I get so much more out of the longer blog posts that they write.  I don’t know if the same goes for me, but I hope that will be the case for at least a few people who follow me on twitter as well.

I also miss the “log” part of my blog. I always find something when I look back over older blog posts. Tweets, in comparison, just roll on.  I hate the thought of losing the good things amongst the things I share. Blogging also forces me to think harder about topics, at least the ones I care about. Tweeting is conversational for the most part. Finally, I have gotten good feedback on some blog posts, feedback that has been rewarding and encouraging. I miss that too, and with some luck, I hope to regain it.

4 responses to “Some thoughts on twitter, and blogging, and blogging again

  1. I’m very glad to hear this!
    Whether it’s movies, music, opera, art, recipes, running tips, book reviews, technical stuff, or just plain, random musings on parenting, or life in general, your blogs are always well written & well thought out. I look forward to reading your future posts. 🙂

  2. Huzzah, blog on. I look forward to reading.