Daily Archives: September 10, 2013

There’s alot of crappy advice on how to make Minecraft run faster. This isn’t

I reviewed alot of online material to help make Minecraft run faster on my son’s laptop. Much of it was YouTube videos made by nice kids, but most of it was less than helpful. However there was one thing I can across that was actually very useful, and it was this: 25 things you can do to make MineCraft run faster! FULL REDUX!!! Minecraft Blog.

I did most of these things, save put a cat on my son’s laptop, and they made a noticeable improvement in the speed of minecraft on his machine. The more of them you can do, starting from the top, the better  improvements you will see. Highly recommended.

How to make your Internet use more secure and private, 2013 edition

It’s a constant battle, but this article by Sean Bonner (Encryption and Privacy – What I’m Using) is a great rundown of tools you should consider in making your Internet use more private and less exploitable.

He covers a wide range of tools, from Tor to VPNs to duckduckgo, and more. Better still, his article is readable and understandable by people who lives revolve around something other than computers.

When it comes to security, you are always making trade-offs between being more secure and other things you want from technology (e.g. ease of use). That said, try and make your computer as secure as you can: every bit helps.