How to make your Internet use more secure and private, 2013 edition

It’s a constant battle, but this article by Sean Bonner (Encryption and Privacy – What I’m Using) is a great rundown of tools you should consider in making your Internet use more private and less exploitable.

He covers a wide range of tools, from Tor to VPNs to duckduckgo, and more. Better still, his article is readable and understandable by people who lives revolve around something other than computers.

When it comes to security, you are always making trade-offs between being more secure and other things you want from technology (e.g. ease of use). That said, try and make your computer as secure as you can: every bit helps.

4 responses to “How to make your Internet use more secure and private, 2013 edition

  1. Thanks for posting this!
    Since I came back from vacation, my computer seems to be on the fritz!
    I didn’t use it for 3 weeks, but even after installing updates, I had problems. (e.g. couldn’t open any Gmail, freezing & crashing)
    Last night I installed new anti-virus software.
    (Norton 360), but I am STILL getting error codes & alerts.
    Oh well….at least I can open my Gmail! 😉

    • smartpeopleiknow

      Hmmmm, I would recommend a few things. First, if you can, try to clean out your computer physically. Sometimes dust and dirt can build up.

      Second, try using this tool to clean off your harddisk of unnecessary files:

      Third, delete any old software you don’t need on your computer.

      Fourth, look for the Disk Defragmenter program on your computer and run that (it may take a long time). This may help as well.

      Finally, look at backing up the remaining files as soon as you can. You may find it is a case of your hard disk is about to fail, and you don’t want that.

  2. Thanks Bernie 🙂
    I appreciate you taking the time to send me those suggestions!
    Since I sent that comment, I have done ALL of the things you suggested…..(installed & ran C Cleaner, backed up files, removed files, & defragged) The only thing I haven’t tried is your 1st suggestion. By “PHYSICALLY clean” my computer, do you mean OPEN it, or just blow some high pressure air into the keyboard?

    • smartpeopleiknow

      Glad you did those things. When it comes to physically cleaning your computer, I recommend (sorta) youtube videos showing people physically cleaning them. This will give you an idea on how you might do it. (I say sorta because alot of these videos are long and boring.) After that, I recommend you go to some place like Future Shop, buy a backup external harddisk, and start backing up your files. You can get a smaller one: while there are many files on your computer, you really don’t need to back up C:\Windows or any of the other software you have copies of elsewhere (CD or Internet). That way, if and when the crash comes, you will be ready.