Everything is happening at this moment (late night thoughts)

Late at night, when it is quiet, it is easy to believe that nothing is going on in the world. The opposite is true. For every time zone that people are sleeping, in another they are waking up. All over the world people are being born and people are dying. People are making babies, having them, raising them, waiting for them to come home, wondering where they are. People are dancing in clubs, drinking in bars, sipping coffee in cafes. Some are wearing parkas while others are swimming in pools. Everywhere people are walking, drinking, lying down, getting up, working hard, resting. The world is filled with people active in some form. Everyone is doing something at this moment. Everything is happening now.

2 responses to “Everything is happening at this moment (late night thoughts)

  1. This reminded me of Brueghel’s painting, “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus,” where Icarus’s mythic fall goes unnoticed in a landscape of busy people doing other things. Many of the historic events that have happened during my lifetime have not seemed epic at that moment; only in retrospect do we understand their significance.