Daily Archives: December 19, 2013

How to text/SMS anyone in the world

You need four things to do this

  1. their phone number
  2. there carrier
  3. this list
  4. email

If you have that, you can send an email to their phone_number@carrier.com with your message and the carrier will send it to them via SMS. The list has the carrier.com information.

Would you like a copy of the Gutenberg Bible?

Of course you would like a copy, if for no other reason than the material value of it.

While this blog can’t prove a physical copy, a fine digital copy exists here. It’s quite something to be able to turn the digital pages and zoom in on it. Highly recommended.

(Hat tip to Nina A for this pointer.)

Here’s a good run down of other digital currency besides bitcoin

Bitcoin is not the only digital currency out there. Indeed, there is a wealth of them, as
this list illustrates. My favourite is dogecoin, but there are many many more. If you feel like you want to get involved in digital currency but bitcoin is too rich for your blood, then one of the other ones on the list may do the trick.