He said, she replied. A story of my weird twitter. #hssr

Long ago, twitter was interesting for many reasons. One treason was people trying to be creative within the 140 character limit. Or to link things seemingly unrelated with hashtags. Weird twitter, as some called it, was good twitter.

Between 2013 and 2015 I did this for awhile. I created a series of tweets based on an imaginary dialog between two people that stuck to a certain format and came with the hashtab #hssr (he said, she replied).

You can still find them on twitter, here. I just came across them in a folder I had in Evernote. (I had a service (IFTTT) save them.)

Who knows if they will be still on twitter a year from now? So here are most of them, as a backup. It was good to be on twitter then and I enjoyed contributing to it. I rarely feel that way now, and I hardly act creatively any more when I tweet.

That aside, here are my “he said, she replied” tweets:

  • Who believes in angels? That’s stupid, she said. We are all each other’s angels, he replied. #hssr
  • There is not much here anymore, he said. The opposite of what it was, she replied. #hssr
  • You used to say such interesting things, she said. There used to be more people listening, he replied. #hssr
  • You’ve very quiet, she said. The better to hear others, he replied. #hssr
  • I was shiny and new then, he said. You just need polishing, she replied. #hssr
  • You just might wave hello again, she said. I believe, he replied. #hssr
  • What did you bring, she asked. All the beauty I could gather, he replied. #hssr
  • What shall we do, she asked. More than we feared and less than we hoped, he replied #hssr
  • What are you listening to, she asked. The beat of my own drummer, finally, he replied. #hssr
  • No one understands these tweets of yours, she said. You are not no one, he replied. #hssr
  • In the end, you’ll be left alone, she said. It’s not the end but the beginning, he replied. #hssr
  • It is safer to be quiet, he said. Being quiet takes it’s own toll, she replied. #hssr
  • Freedom is a terrible thing and once you have it you should keep it, she said. Oh, i know i should, he replied. #hssr
  • The world is terrible, he said. The world is beautiful, she replied (and it was). #hssr
  • You thought your life would lead to something, but it’s led to nothing, she said. You’re half right, he replied. #hssr
  • I hear the mermaids singing, he said. Those are sirens, she replied. #hssr
  • Why do you live, she asked. Because i have someones worth living for, he replied. #hssr
  • You’re dancing again…I’m surprised, he said. A good song came on, she replied. #hssr
  • Once you danced so well, she said. In time I lived on dance floors but dance floors are for young men, he replied. #hssr
  • So much to do, he said. Only if time allows, she replied. #hssr
  • My life, he said. A hard road, but you make it harder, she replied. #hssr
  • So much time has passed, he said. For you, she replied. #hssr

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