Why your next dinner party should be un apéro dînatoire

Wait, what, you say? Un apéro dînatoire? Qu’est-ce que c’est?? Well according to Food and Wine, it is a…

 …snack dinner: the weeknight meal that offers free license to pull assorted things from the fridge, loosely arrange them on a platter or cutting board, and call it dinner. The French have perfected the art, dubbing it l’apéro dînatoire, and in the process, created a chic way to shift fluidly from cocktail hour to dinner with nary a place setting in sight.

Sounds good, yes? I agree. If you need some ideas, here’s 43 of them. Still stumped? Here’s 80 more. As for me, I would not sweat it. Get some spreads, some dips, maybe some cheese or cold cuts, some veg and bread — and of course drinks — and you are all set to have a chill and relaxing dinner party all can enjoy. For more on it, see the F&W piece, here: A French Aperitif Party Guide.

Of course it doesn’t have to be a weeknight: a weekend meal would be great too.

Bon appétit. Santé!




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