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Anti COVID Posters!

This is a smart reuse of old VD posters to warn against the dangers of a new biological thread: COVID. Via The Daily Heller:

Adrian Wilson, provocateur par excellence, recently revisited a vintage poster prevention campaign against VD used during World War II, and remixed the various messages into a current cautionary attack on CoViD-19. This genre of repurposing images and words is not new or novel, but when accomplished satirically and wittily, as Wilson has done below, it can be an effective public messaging tool.


For more of Wilson’s work, click on the link above. It’s great.

This Better by Bike Posters Campaign is excellent

This campaign, Better by Bike, for the city of Buenos Aires is excellent. Here’s just one of the posters for it.

I recommend you click on the link in this post to see more great posters.