The social effects of Facebook


has a great column on the effects social networking site, Facebook, is having on family dynamics. It will be interesting to see FB transform from a college dorm party to a family wedding.

Here’s the article:

Facebook: watching the watchers

7 responses to “The social effects of Facebook

  1. facebook is a good option to keep touch with friends without meeting

  2. well in my opinion i think se is right, as it is my blood pressure is rising

  3. I agree with adrita that facebook is make us closer with our relative and our friends.
    although we doesnt meet with them.
    facebook’s very well!!!

  4. I’ve spent some time on facebook. While I can agree to it being a useful tool “conceptually,” it (and other social networking websites) has had and will continue to have profoundly negative social ramifications. For those of us out there that crave sincerity and demand personal accountability (this should be EVERYONE) these websites only serve to stunt our abilities to connect as humans.

  5. I found face book really a safe place to express who I am but as well as encouragement from someone that don’t even know me but my name and maybe a relative >>>This has been helpful in the self esteem area for myself I think it is safe once you figure out you do not need 500 friends unless you are playing the Games then that is where you got to make your privacy settings set the friends and people you do not know and select who is on your page..
    Good site I give it two thumbs and a big toe up.

  6. I have been wondering about this myself, I am on the fence….

  7. phoebe sweeney

    facebook is ma life!!!