Daily Archives: June 5, 2007

More bad web site design from people who should know better

You think that with all the money they have, the good folks at The Saatchi Gallery  might have a top notch web site. Instead, it looks like a MySpace reject. 

Perhaps the next time they’re contemplating buying a dead animal, they might use it to redo their web site instead. 😉

Philippe Starck and Web site usability

I have always been a fan of the design of  PHILIPPE STARCK. I’ve been to alot of his hotels and cafes (such as Cafe Costes above) and I have a number of his consumer designs (including a fly swatter!)  I think he is a good designer.

So why is his web site such a usability nightmare!? Just try finding anything there.

Maybe it is just the English version, but I doubt it.

5min = DIY + YouTube

My friend Jean-Francois told me about this site. People post Do It Yourself videos on the web for others to see. If this takes off, it could be quite something. I wonder if Home Depot knows about this? Beat them to it. See

5min – Life Videopedia

If you like to write, try Helium

Not the gas, the web site! What is Helium about?

Whether you care about pop culture or politics, Helium is for you. Helium is the best place on the web to post your perspective and read what others have to say. When you write at Helium, you receive instant recognition from an audience of millions. No one will delete your articles or skew your opinions. Your contribution remains whole. Helium is a free market, where articles on the same topic compete for the top spot.

When you share, Helium shares back. You earn a share of the advertising money earned here at Helium. If you write well, and write often, you earn more recognition and reward. It is that simple. Unleash the writer inside of you. Be passionate. Be opinionated.

Join the quest to build the best user-created reference there is. Say your piece and find peace. Find quality insight and stop wasting time searching for it. Help build a place where knowledge rules.

Holy calamari!

Admit it: you want it!

Not calamari! The iPhone! 🙂 (Ok…some calamari would be good , too.)

Apple iPhone Ad: Calamari

I know I know, it’s still a computer and it will hang up and crash and all that stuff….anyway….see for yourself.

Poppleton (and Stella too)

I read alot of kids books. I enjoy them even when I am not reading them to little ones. Poppleton is my favourite series, with the possible exception of Stella and Sam. the Poppleton stories are wonderfully illustrated in watercolour, with plenty of small details to point out. The language is straightforward but not “Dick and Jane”, and the stories are fun to read aloud and to listen to. Even the characterization is good (yes, I know, they are only short books, but trust me. 🙂

I bought as many of them as I could find at Indigo. Here’s one, the first one we had.

Poppleton and Friends by Mark Teague

And here’s one of the Stella books:

Stella Star Of The Sea by M Gay

I highly recommend them.

Jonathan Coulton

It’s a small world. I came across the Code Monkey video at the Web 2.0 expo and posted it here on my blog which was read by my friend Leta who mentioned Jonathan’s web site, www.jonathancoulton.com, which I pointed out to some people a few months ago based on an article I read in the Nytimes.com!

So….check out his site. He’s got a great story, and lots of good music as well! Leta recommends: the acoustic version of ‘Baby Got Back’ is a treat