Daily Archives: June 3, 2007

You’ve got a face with a view

I have a tremendous personal fondness for this song in this movie. But it is a great video nonetheless. From the great Jonathan Demme / Talking Heads film, Stop Making Sense, here is
The Talking Heads with This Must Be the Place (Naïve Melody) Live

Hang in there for the wonderfully dance part with David Byrne and the lamp. I have a lamp like this, and I think of him whenever I see it.

Code Monkey AND WoW

There is almost a genre of small films based around World of Warcraft! LOL. This was shown at a conference I attended recently. It is a song that will have appeal to software developers everywhere:

World of warcraft – Code Monkey song

On the artifice of beauty

Two striking videos on this subject matter, including the famous Dove Evolution ad. The first one, Doll Face, is longer, but it is worth watching.

YouTube – Doll Face

YouTube – dove evolution

Women in Art

This video is an astounding compilation of women represented in famous paintings. Each image transmogrifies into the next in a seamless way as if to suggest that all of western painting is a continuous work. You have to see it.

Women In Art

One thing that it made me think of is the actual women who model for the painters, as opposed to the painters and the paintings themselves. The ability of it to do this is remarkable.

One more reason why YouTube is great.