Daily Archives: August 3, 2007

the structure of parks

One of my favourite parks is the one in Toronto’s Yorkville district. It has a distinctly untraditional layout. I recall a lot of people didn’t like the layout. It didn’t conform to what they thought of as a park. That’s was one of the things I liked about it. It made me think about parks, and how even older parks are contrived. There is nothing natural about most parks: they are quite artificial. This makes them no less beautiful. But they are man made nontheless. And it is this quality, among others, that I like about the Yorkville park.

blogging from a blackberry

One of the nice features that WordPress has is the ability to blog via a mobile device. Just goto https://m.wordpress.com

Very cool.

FB and photos

One thing interesting about FB is that you can start to see interesting patterns and behavoirs. Some of them are just random, but it is interesting. For example, a colleague from work and my mom recently changed their photos:

I think it is interesting that they both chose flowers and at the same time. It could be random, but I believe there is something more to it than that.

Facebook and Time

I was looking up someone on FB today, and by accident I came across someone I hadn’t seen since I worked at the Dalhousie gymnasium in the early 80s. While that is approximately 25 years ago, I still recognize her, and when I saw her photo, I remember what she used to look like, even though we were just acquaintances and I hadn’t thought about her since I left university.

Now this is not a new phenomenon. People used to leave a community and then return much later and recognize people. What is different, though, is the breadth and depth of how this can be done and how it will be done. Breadth: as more and more people join social networking sites like Facebook, you will be able to see MANY more people you haven’t seen in ages. Depth: you will be able to find out much more about them than you could in typical social settings. You can see their friends, their families, what they do, etc.