Daily Archives: August 14, 2007

Politics, Sunlight, and Web 2.0

Sunlight Labs is

a Sunlight Foundation pilot project to prototype tech ideas to improve government transparency and political influence disclosure. We also provide technical support to Sunlight Foundation sponsored projects.

Politics is going to get more interesting.

Who uses Powerpoint? According to Doonesbury…

…: everyone. 🙂

Getty Images is new and improved: get your red hot images now

The good folks at getty images have revamped their site, making it even better to access their wealth of material. Check it out! Changes are, if you look at advertising (and who doesn’t), you are already familiar with their work.

It’s a dog life for some of us

There’s a gem of a story here on being appreciated (or not being appreciated here) in: A Dog’s Life

Amy Winehouse – again!

Ok, I posted on Amy W before, but I love her music, so here is her big hit, the very timely, Rehab

Timbaland, Jay-Z, and the construction of Pop Music

I have always been impressed by the construction of Justin Timberlake’s/Timbaland’s Sexyback. I figure a DJ could spin that song any of a thousand of ways and have people dancing to the same song for an hour. It’s really well made in that sense, which is no surprise, given the involvement of Timbaland.

I was thinking something similar tonight when listening to Rihanna/Jay-Z’s Umbrella and the massive hooks in it. (Think: “ella-ella” and anything else you can’t get out of your head after listening to it.) It too is really well constructed, which is also no surprise, given Jay-Z’s involvement. You could watch the video, but it will distract you from the very taut vocals. Check out Rhianna singing Umbrella.

ok, here’s the (so-so) video of the anything but so-so Rhianna 🙂

and here’s Sexyback

The brilliant Women in Film

From the brilliant eggman913, who brought us Women in Art, comes Women In Film