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bubbl.us – a good mindmapping tool

bubbl.us is a nice mindmapping tool that is web based. I like it’s export features, among other things. It makes nice jpegs like this:

(Actually, it makes even nicer drawings…I just crunched it down to make it fit. Try it! :))

A better life in no time?

CNN, in conjunction with

has some advice on how to live A better life in no time

While my first response is to be snide, it is good, if not earth shattering advice. At the very least, look at it and say: yup, got that covered. 🙂

How to stay focused and easily track time while working on your computer

The Web site, The Printable CEO™, has a great tool called the Emergent Task Timer. It

  • allows you to easily capture tasks you have to do as they come up
  • easily track the time you spend on them
  • reminds you when to update your info.

Check it out at: Emergent Task Timer Online (Flash Alpha)

Or go to David Seah’s site for more productivity tips:

David Seah

The apotheosis of the Web and the denegration of TV

TV set

It is easy to justify wasting spending time with your computer (or blackberry) to access the Web compared to watching TV. With the Web, it feels like you are doing something useful: you are researching, or communicating with friends, or learning about new ideas and new technologies. Comparing this to the watching TV, it seems positively virtuous.

In fact, often times I believe people are simply wasting time on the Web. (Put your hand up if you have watched the Diet Coke/Mentos phenomenom or LOLCats). You may be like me: tired, or bored, or procrastinating, or just in the habit of sitting in front of computer. Likewise, you can be learning about things on TV, too. While there may be more opportunities to learn on the Web, there is a false dichotomy between the web and TV. YouTube has shown that, and Joost will push that concept even further. Indeed, television may have been the precursor to the web, just like telephone and telegraph were precursors to TV. It is all a continuuum, with crossovers of ideas between the various media.

Some thoughts on surfing around the Web when I knew I should be doing something better. Now go watch some TV and be a better person. 🙂

Your next flashlight is a Blackberry


One alternative use of a BB is a flashlight.

When you have the backlight on high, it can illuminate more than you might think.

Something to think about in a jam. (pun intended.)