Daily Archives: February 17, 2008

Go back in time…with TIME

TIME now has what appears to be all their articles online since 1923. It’s like being able to go through old magazines online and see what was being said then. It’s not obvious from their home page: look for the input box at the top with the “Search” button next to it.

As a test, I tried two well known and very different people: Einstein and Hitler. With Einstein, we see Relativity already well established (there are films out on how to explain it, and there is talk about an upcoming eclipse to demonstrate it). Nothing too surprising. What did surprise me was the articles on Hitler. You get to see this terrible force coming into but not yet in focus (at least through the lens of TIME). TIME uses terms like “Bavarian Fascisti” and even “monarchists”, although “nationalists” comes up too.

Regardless of your interest, TIME has made a great start of putting it’s material online.