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China 2.0 and beer

businessweek.com has a good article that shows the challenges China has in transforming itself from being a producer of cheap goods and other people’s goods to being a producer of goods that are highly valued and Chinese. It’s a road Japan has travelled many years ago. See Budweiser, Miller…and Tsingtao?


Movies on flash drives: how not to think about technology

At the nytimes.com is a article on movies on flash drives. It’s a good example of how not to think about the future. It’s essentially a list of points arguing against movies on flash drives. And what are the points?
1) it’s hard to make money from it
2) flash drives are too expensive
3) you have to have every movie on a separate card
4) People like buying things
5) It would take too long to download a movie onto flash

None of these hold water. 1) Movie viewers don’t care if it is hard to make money from it: ask the music business. 2) They may be expensive now, but watch chip makers gear up if they see there is demand for them: they will get cheap soon. 3) This is just an assumption: there are many delivery models to choose from. 4) This one is laughable on so many levels, it’s not worth arguing. 5) This is in line with number 3: again, delivery models will take care of this.

And the line: “And by that time, the technological, business and social problems of downloading movies are likely to be solved.” Well, that is pure: stick your head in the sand and hope the problem goes away. The problem – at least it is a problem for the movie business – is that the movie business will be in the same boat that the music business is in very soon. It’s part way there already. Moore’s Law will get it all the way there.

Read the article Buying Movies on Flash Drives: Nice Idea That Doesn’t Work – Bits – Technology – New York Times Blog and see what you think.

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Why I no longer read magazines

I love magazines. When I am commuting, there is nothing better. But other than plane travel, I haven’t bough a magazine in along time.  Magazines have been losing out to the Web. When I see all the amazing content online, all free, it is hard to justify buying magazines (and later throwing them into the recycle bin) when I can feast on all that is on the web.

I think flickr can make a better case than me. For people like me who love New York City, check out:

While there are still magazine out there with better content, the argument for them over the web will get harder and harder to make.